Ways to Get Pregnant Over 40

get pregnant over 40It is a sad fact that getting pregnant over 40 can be a difficult feat. This is because the ovulation process has limitations such as the production of unhealthy eggs. In addition, there are risks associated with pregnancy at the age of 40 and above and these include premature labor, infertility, birth defects and miscarriage. The good news is it is possible to get pregnant in the mid-forties if a woman follows the following steps.


It is important to be stay away from things or situations that will provide stress. Stress can harm the hormones that will prevent ovulation and make the menstrual cycle irregular. To avoid stress, a woman should do activities that can relax her such as reading pregnancy tips and listening to gentle and soothing music. She can also meditate, do light exercises and yoga.


Alcohol should be avoided as it can stop ovulation and produce disorders of the ovary. It can also harm the endometrial lining. It is always best to avoid such drinks when pregnant.


A woman who wants to get pregnant over 40should know her ovulation period. Because the chance of conceiving is reduced as she ages, it is best to be aware when a woman is ovulating.  She can utilize a basal thermometer to check her body’s cycles by determining the day of ovulation and monitoring her body temperature. There is also an ovulation predictor kit available in groceries and drugstores for tracking the ovulation period by using a saliva or urine test to check body changes.


It is vital to have a healthy lifestyle to get pregnant over 40. This involves regular workouts and a healthy diet. The diet must include fresh fruits such as berries, vegetables like spinach and broccoli, lean meats, fish such as salmon and herring, and complex carbohydrates such as wheat bran and whole grain breads. Exercise should be light to be performed 30 minutes a day for five days. These include cardiovascular workouts and mild strength training in the house. A woman can also walk, jog and swim.


Food supplements that are enriched with vitamins will help women in getting pregnant over 40. Because the food one eats sometimes lack vitamins, it is best to supplement the body with vitamins. The most important vitamins and minerals to be taken are folic acid, calcium, Vitamin B6 and iron so as to be fertile.  If a woman lacks these, she may not become fully productive. One way to find this out is by taking a blood test administered by a medical expert. In pregnancy, nutrition plays an important role.


Probably the reason why many women put off pregnancy at a young age is because of their busy lifestyles and their careers. Because modern science has given way to artificial insemination and fertility methods, couples put off pregnancy until such time that they achieve their personal goals or they feel incomplete and want to have a baby in their midst. Because of old age, women will find themselves at risks of miscarriage, premature labor, ectopic pregnancy, blighted ovum and other health issues. Those who get pregnant over 40 have a 26% chance of having a miscarriage.


To have a safe pregnancy at 40 or above, a woman should visit a genetic counselor prior to planning a baby. The counselor would be able to tell the risks the woman will have at getting pregnant and the possible consequences. The counselor will get the family history of the woman and her partner and will outline health problems encountered within the family.


It is essential to have a healthy body before getting pregnant. The woman must not be overweight and must control her eating habits. Smoking, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided. She should also watch out for health conditions such as hypertension, gestational diabetes and heart problems. The baby may even have Down syndrome due to the old age of the mother.


A woman pregnant over 40 must ensure that she goes to her obstetrician immediately. All the advice given by the doctor must be followed. Constant checkups may be necessary and even complete bed rest. Those who are overweight have greater chance of acquiring complications.


There are many benefits of getting pregnant at the age of 40 in spite of all possible complications. One of them is financial stability. Because it is at this age that a woman is assumed to be financially stable, she would be able to give all the baby’s needs. Younger women in their 20s are still fresh out of school and are newly employed. They have to apply for loans to provide all the needs of their babies. With a good income, parents would be able to meet the costs of medicines and supplies of the child. As the baby grows older, the parents would be able to provide for college and other required expenses.


Children born to mature parents are found to have stable lives than those born by younger mothers. There are also written journals about teenagers who are less prone to getting into jail and more prone to finishing college. According to studies made by the Columbia University as well as the John Hopkins School of Medicine, children with mature parents lead good lives and do not suffer from much financial difficulties and legal issues.


Although diseases such as autism and Downs syndrome are possible in children with older mothers, the chances of having a healthy baby is still high. Based on the ratings given by Apgar scales, the health of newborn babies born to mothers who are 40 and above can be compared to those born to mothers who are much younger. The Apgar scale will gauge the general health of newborn babies and will give a numerical rating on the babies’ heart, respiratory rate, skin, muscle tone and reflex response.


It is said that the essence of being a woman that is unique only to her is her ability to bear and nurture a child. Many women feel they are incomplete if they cannot conceive a baby of their own to take care of. Women in their 40s should not be deprived of this natural phenomenon therefore, they must follow these tips in order to get pregnant over 40.

Get pregnant over 40