Tips in Getting Pregnant at 40

Tips in Getting Pregnant at 40

get pregnant at 40By the time a woman reaches thirty, her fertility will decline. When she turns 40, it would be hard to get pregnant.  The good news is science and modern technology has provided solutions to battle against infertility so that women can get pregnant at 40.  Here are the ways to conceive at this age.


To get pregnant, a woman should have a general check-up. This will ensure that she is healthy and her body is strong enough to carry a baby for 9 months. It will also make her find out if her body can deal with the changes of pregnancy.


It is best to visit an infertility specialist. This medical practitioner will prescribe a plan for the woman to become fertile. He or she will also give the advantages and disadvantages of each fertility treatment recommended. A woman should also consult with her specialist about the recent research about ways to get pregnant.


There are fertility drugs available to make one more fertile. It can be taken by both men and women. Taking this is usually the beginning of fertility treatments. This can be utilized to complement other treatments recommended by an infertility specialist.


If it is all right with one’s husband, artificial insemination should be considered to get pregnant at 40. Usually, having a partner who is also of the same age or older than 40 may have a low sperm count or his sperm does not reach a woman’s fallopian tubes. When a woman is ovulating, the sperm of her partner is medically placed near the cervix through artificial insemination.  If the sperm of the man is not healthy, a donor’s sperm can be used. Couples combine this with the usage of fertility treatments to achieve positive results.


If artificial insemination does not work, a couple can try in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is the process of combining the sperm and the egg in a laboratory for a couple of days. The fertilized egg is then placed inside the woman. The chance of having a multiple pregnancy is great with this kind of procedure.


Aside from the scientific ways of getting pregnant at 40, there are also natural ways of doing so.

It cannot be denied that women in their 40s have unhealthy eggs, therefore, they are prone to have birth defects, premature labor and miscarriage.  If a woman however maintains a healthy and balanced lifestyle, she can get pregnant even in her 40s.


Taking herbal supplements is a good way to get pregnant. It is a healthy option aside from modern medicine. Those who are wary of fertility treatments due to their cost and invasiveness should take herbal supplements as they are inexpensive and are easy to take. The woman just has to make sure she visits a licensed herbal doctor or practitioner if she goes for such supplements.


There are different kinds of herbal supplements that will help one conceive. These can be found in drug stores and health food stores. They contain ingredients to make a woman’s body healthy enough to conceive. It is best for a woman to ask her doctor before taking these supplements, as they are not recommended by the Food and Drug Administration.


One of the ingredients to look for in an herbal supplement is agnus castus. It is said to normalize hormonal imbalances and encourage ovulation. Women in their forties do not always release an egg during their menstrual cycle thus, it would be difficult to get pregnant.


Another ingredient to look for in an herbal supplement is red clover. It has proteins, B vitamins and calcium, which are necessary to have a healthy conception. The supplement should also have red raspberry leaf as this provides iron and strengthens the uterus.


It is important to balance the hormones estrogen and progesterone to achieve ovulation. These hormones are responsible for regulating menstruation. One should take 100 mg of soy isoflavones during the first half of the menstrual cycle to heighten the production of estrogen and enhance ovulation. Taking a progesterone supplement on the period of ovulation till the first day of menstruation will lengthen the lacteal phase of a woman. This will then help sustain the uterine lining and implantation of the embryo. Management of these two hormones will make a woman release an egg every menstrual cycle even when she is 40 years old.


It is always safe to work with a doctor or a licensed herbal specialist when taking these supplements to get pregnant at 40. One must accept the fact that not all methods or supplements work the same for all women. An herbal supplement will just aid in regulating hormones, increasing ovulation and preparing a woman’s body for her to pregnant.


There are many signs of being pregnant and women in their 40s will also experience them. When such signs manifest, it is best to immediately see a doctor for confirmation. The doctor will also perform tests that will check if the pregnancy is safe or not. Prenatal care will also be advised as being 40 can have risks that are not experienced by younger women.


One of the signs of being pregnant at 40 is mixed emotions. A woman will be moody, fearful, angry and always in denial. She may also experience frequent crying and being too emotional. She will also be argumentative most of the time.


Because they know that they are nearing menopause, women who are pregnant at 40 may think they are actually experiencing symptoms of menopause. The signs of menopause and pregnancy are similar therefore, this can also add to her depression. She will tend to be more forgetful because the hormones going through her body make her difficult to focus.


Physical signs of being pregnant include regular urination, tenderness of the breast, and areola darkening. A pregnant woman will also experience excessive gas during her first trimester. This is due to the high amount of progesterone in her body. She will also experience discoloration and itching of her vagina. She will also have increased vaginal discharges.


Being pregnant is a dream come true for most women, especially those who are in their 30s and 40s. If a woman finds it hard to get pregnant at 40 , she should follow the tips in this article that will aid her to have her own baby.

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