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There are a number of women who want to have babies are having a difficult time getting pregnant. If the desire to have a child is so great then you’ll definitely be troubled by the question  why can’t I get pregnant?

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Why can’t I get pregnant

It is so ironic that while there are a lot of unwanted pregnancies, there are a number of women who want to have babies are having a difficult time getting pregnant. The question they often ask is why can’t I get pregnant? Some have been trying for years to conceive, leading to disappointment and depression if success has not been achieved. Women get emotional because of the frustration of not conceiving despite so much effort. Others keep on having miscarriages. It is important to know the several factors that affect the chances of conceiving in order to gain better chances of success.


One of the factors which answer to the question why can’t I get pregnant is the age of the woman trying to conceive since the probability of infertility rises as the age increases. It is a medical fact that during the mid-twenties when fertility is at its peak for birth sexes, and declines for women over thirty and men over the age of forty. Also, tubal infections and other causes of infertility are prevalent for older women. Another factor is when there is a low sperm count of the woman’s partner because chances of becoming pregnant rises if there is a high sperm count. Men reach their sexual peak when they are between 18-30 years of age. Having polycystic ovaries among other factors may also affect the chances of conceiving. This is a condition when a woman has a hormonal imbalance which produces small cysts in the ovaries leading to a difficulty in conceiving.

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