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pregnant at 50There are many reasons why getting pregnant at 50 is risky. Pregnancy at age 35 is both hard and dangerous, and getting pregnant at an age older than 35 is harder and there would always be more risks involved.


Starting a family and starting late doesn’t really go well together. You can say that you’re more experienced, more financially and emotionally stable than younger couples do, but it is very difficult to get pregnant at such a late age, and there are risks not only to the mother, but also to the baby. It is hard and it is risky to conceive a normally healthy baby at the age of 50, and here you’ll know the reasons why.


Why Are You Still Not Pregnant?

Older women would find it harder to get pregnant, and this is due to many reasons. Getting older might not be obvious on the outside, but your body would feel different, as you get older. Why are you still not pregnant? Here’s why:

  • As a woman gets older, it gets more difficult to get pregnant because of irregular ovulation. Even younger women who experience irregular ovulation would find it hard to get pregnant too, and older women who experience this would find it much harder.
  • Your age isn’t the only thing that matters, as your partner’s age is a big factor too. Sperm count is lower in older men, and conceiving would be harder with less sexual intercourse.
  • Certain medical conditions would make it near impossible for you to conceive, and this is also applicable to younger women. Scars on the uterus and fallopian tubes can be painful and discomforting, and there is a greatly reduced chance for you to get pregnant.

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