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pregnant at 35If a woman becomes pregnant at 35 or above, she should expect to experience things that are different from those felt by younger pregnant women. Based on scientific studies, there are reasons why such differences occur. Because of this, options were formulated for older women who get pregnant in their middle thirties and above.


When women who are 35 and older ovulate, they produce fewer eggs than younger women do. Of these eggs produced, only a few are healthy. The male sperm also finds these eggs hard to fertilize. The good news is modern technology and medicine has found ways to treat fertility in women who are in their middle thirties.


It takes a little longer for women who are 35 and above to conceive. This is due to their infrequency of ovulation. If one still fails to get pregnant after 6 months of trying, it is best to seek medical advice.


Science says middle-aged women have a huge possibility of producing twins. The older a woman grows, the bigger chance of her body releasing two eggs at one time. The fertility treatments of this modern age also make it possible to have twins.


Women who get pregnant at 35 can also develop endometriosis. This involves the uterus’ lining connecting to other organs of the body thus causing scar tissues or bleeding. They are also more prone to miscarriage than females in their twenties. Usually, a child conceived during this age has a great chance to have chromosomal abnormalities that leads to miscarriage. Women should thus undergo prenatal testing to ensure that chromosomal abnormalities are avoided. Medical advances have triumphantly prevented this such as amniocentesis. Such tests will enable to check for such abnormalities that may include Downs syndrome.

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