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Pregnancy Over 35: Everything You Need to KnowIs pregnancy over 35 safe? Most women think that midlife pregnancy isn’t quite as safe as getting pregnant while they were younger, and this is in many cases true. They fear for the sake of the babies, as well as for themselves, and no one could blame women for fearing pregnancy at such an age.


As a woman ages, there are physical changes that would happen to her body, and there are just so much you need to know before you even try to get pregnant. Even if you already had a child, conceiving at a late age would be very different. If you are trying to conceive after 35, it is important that you learn the risks and whatever there is to learn about pregnancy in women in their midlife.


Why Is It Hard to Get Pregnant After 35?

Really, why is it harder to get pregnant after you reach the age of 35? You might not feel the changes that are happening to your body, but they are definitely there deep inside you. You might not look different if you take good care of your skin and your appearance, but you wouldn’t be able to deny the changes that are happening to your body and overall health. It would be harder for you to get pregnant at 30, and it would be hardest as soon as you reach 35. And if you’re wondering, here are the reasons why:

  • As a woman ages, she comes closer to her menopause. At the age of 35, most women would readily feel lesser ovulation, which makes for fewer menstrual periods. Because fewer eggs are produced, there is less chance for a sperm to find an egg to fertilize. With age comes unhealthy eggs too, and these aren’t fit for fertilization, posing a risk to both the mom and the baby.

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