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Women who still want to get pregnant after having a miscarriage is lost in the idea of what is the best way to get pregnant fast. Getting pregnant might sound simple for other women, but it is quite difficult for those women who already had a miscarriage.


A miscarriage is something that every pregnant mother fears. It is the most frequent complication during the early days or weeks of pregnancy. Studies show that ten percent to twenty percent of women who know that they are pregnant experience miscarriage at times before twenty weeks of pregnancy while eighty percent happen within the first twelve weeks. But, the percentage of miscarriage continues to arise since most women doesn’t even know that they are pregnant.


Usually, the cause of miscarriage isn’t determined but its most common cause is collagen vascular diseases, infection, chromosal abnormalities, hormonal Best Way to Get Pregnant Fast after a Miscarriageproblems, diabetes and congenital abnormalities of the uterus. Another cause of miscarriage is when the fertilized egg fails to attach or implant in its proper place.


Miscarriage also happens when the blood of the fetus doesn’t match the blood of the mother. This condition is called the Rh factor. This happens when the blood of the unborn fetus is Rh positive while the blood of the mother is Rh negative. The mother’s body notices the incompatibility in the Rh type and it considers the fetus as a foreign body thus causing miscarriage.


Having injuries and traumas in the abdominal part of a pregnant woman can also be one reason of miscarriage. A pregnant woman who also uses illegal or recreational drugs is also to experiencing miscarriage since the organs of the fetus are still not develop making them incapable of filtering  those harmful substances which are present in the illegal drugs. And as a result, those harmful substances continue to poison the fetus thus causing for it to die.

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