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get pregnant over 40It is a sad fact that getting pregnant over 40 can be a difficult feat. This is because the ovulation process has limitations such as the production of unhealthy eggs. In addition, there are risks associated with pregnancy at the age of 40 and above and these include premature labor, infertility, birth defects and miscarriage. The good news is it is possible to get pregnant in the mid-forties if a woman follows the following steps.


It is important to be stay away from things or situations that will provide stress. Stress can harm the hormones that will prevent ovulation and make the menstrual cycle irregular. To avoid stress, a woman should do activities that can relax her such as reading pregnancy tips and listening to gentle and soothing music. She can also meditate, do light exercises and yoga.


Alcohol should be avoided as it can stop ovulation and produce disorders of the ovary. It can also harm the endometrial lining. It is always best to avoid such drinks when pregnant.


A woman who wants to get pregnant over 40should know her ovulation period. Because the chance of conceiving is reduced as she ages, it is best to be aware when a woman is ovulating.  She can utilize a basal thermometer to check her body’s cycles by determining the day of ovulation and monitoring her body temperature. There is also an ovulation predictor kit available in groceries and drugstores for tracking the ovulation period by using a saliva or urine test to check body changes.


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