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Fertility Over 40It is very common today that women postpone their plans of getting pregnant because of varied reasons. Some women would like to delay raising a family because they want to finish their studies, build a career and enjoy singlehood. Some women delay conceiving because of failed relationships or bad experiences. No matter what the reasons are, a woman will eventually decide to get pregnant and start a family of her own. However, as a woman gets older, fertility over 40 becomes a challenge. If you are one of the women who already decided to get pregnant at the age of 40, this article is for you. It will equip you with the right information on fertility over 40.


For women at the age of 35, fertility started to decrease because of the following reasons:


  • There are only a few eggs that would be ovulated.
  • There are hormonal changes taking place that greatly affects ovulation.
  • In case your chosen partner is also 40 years old or older, there is a great chance of having a lower sperm count.


If you are 40 years old, do not worry because there are ways on how to successfully get pregnant. It is not too late to conceive a baby. What you need to do is to get the right information and follow the tips below.


Fertility Over 40: The Risks Involved


  • You need to know that there are risks involved. Getting pregnant at the age of 40 is considered a “high-risk” pregnancy. This means your baby have greater chances of chromosomal abnormalities and birth defects. For instance, your baby will have greater chances of having a Down syndrome.


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