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Many people dream of having children. They are a great joy and responsibility. If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, there are some things that you need to think about when trying to conceive, whether it is your first child or you already have many children.

What to Think About When Trying to ConceiveTo begin with, you should eliminate alcohol from your diet before you begin. When trying to conceive, you need to do everything possible to take care of your body and the baby you will have. Alcohol can damage the fetus before you even know that you are pregnant. It is best to avoid it until after you have your baby. Even small amounts have been found to be harmful.

Additionally, you need to quit smoking cigarettes if you smoke. Though not as harmful as alcohol, tobacco has been linked to low birth weight and other problems. Besides, it is not good for you. You want to set a good example right from the start for your child.

You also need to look at your diet. Make certain that you are getting a good balanced diet that is low in fat. You need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. This will make sure that your unborn child has all of the right nutrients from the start.

Take a folic acid supplement or eat foods that are high in folic acid. Many cereals now have it added in because research has shown that many moms do not have adequate supplies. Look on the label of your favorite cereal to see if it has folic acid. If not, switch to one that does.

Drink plenty of water everyday. This is important for your health. The better shape your body is in when trying to conceive, the easier it will be for you to remain healthy during pregnancy.

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Surely, there are lots of women and even concerned husbands who are asking “what are the chances of getting pregnant”. This is especially true to those who want to immediately build a happy family after getting married. However, the chances of getting pregnant might sometimes be uncertain.  This is because of the fact that there are some factors that might affect the entire process. But then, there are some ways for you to get pregnant especially if you know some of the tips on how to get pregnant naturally.

Chances of Getting Pregnant Through Taking the Natural Approach

The first tip on how to get pregnant is to take the natural approach. Though the chances of getting pregnant in using some alternative measures are higher, you will never know if those measures might cause untoward reaction to yourself. Actually, there are instances that women who take advantage of the alternative means of getting pregnant only worsen the situation. Worst, there is a possibility for them not to get pregnant anymore. If you would like to get pregnant, it is best for you to take into account the natural approach or the one which is not focused on your reproductive system. If the proper techniques have been utilized, you will surely come up with the best solution in the future.

Chances of Getting Pregnant Using Bodily Approach

To those who are concerned on “what are the chances of getting pregnant”, you chances of getting pregnanthave to know that working out is one of the best ways for you to get pregnant fast. There are so many approaches present now on how to get pregnant but not all of those approaches will surely provide you with the complete solution that you are looking for. Remember that your body has its own way of working and performing systematic processes related to pregnancy. If the approach you will use will not actually coincide with the normal processes in your body, this will never bring positive effects. Moreover, the chances of getting pregnant will be lower than what you expect.

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Why can’t I get pregnant

It is so ironic that while there are a lot of unwanted pregnancies, there are a number of women who want to have babies are having a difficult time getting pregnant. The question they often ask is why can’t I get pregnant? Some have been trying for years to conceive, leading to disappointment and depression if success has not been achieved. Women get emotional because of the frustration of not conceiving despite so much effort. Others keep on having miscarriages. It is important to know the several factors that affect the chances of conceiving in order to gain better chances of success.


One of the factors which answer to the question why can’t I get pregnant is the age of the woman trying to conceive since the probability of infertility rises as the age increases. It is a medical fact that during the mid-twenties when fertility is at its peak for birth sexes, and declines for women over thirty and men over the age of forty. Also, tubal infections and other causes of infertility are prevalent for older women. Another factor is when there is a low sperm count of the woman’s partner because chances of becoming pregnant rises if there is a high sperm count. Men reach their sexual peak when they are between 18-30 years of age. Having polycystic ovaries among other factors may also affect the chances of conceiving. This is a condition when a woman has a hormonal imbalance which produces small cysts in the ovaries leading to a difficulty in conceiving.

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best day to conceiveBabies, often called as “a bundle of joy”, are adorable angels. A lot of women at some point in their lives yearn to have one of their own. Pregnancy after all is a new phase in womanhood and also a prelude to parenthood. However, it is easier to desire something than make it happen. Women often ask when the best day to conceive is. Getting pregnant is not at all an effortless thing to do and it requires both of the couple’s efforts. Not all women are lucky to conceive as soon as they want to. In fact, a lot of couples try all sorts of methods and seek medical help just to have a baby of their own.


Once a healthy couple is emotionally and financially ready to have a baby, the next step would be to know how and when the best day to conceive is. The period of ovulation is said to be the time when the chances to get pregnant are the highest since it is the time when a woman is most fertile. It is important to know the ovulation period because this is the time when sexual intercourse must happen. Hence, in knowing the best day to get pregnant is for the woman to be aware and to monitor her menstrual cycle. 28 to 32 days is the average normal menstrual cycle, but cycles differ in that some women have longer and others have shorter cycles. In counting the menstrual cycle, include the first day of the menstrual period until the first day of the next period. After counting the menstrual period, ovulation period can now be determined.


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