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best day to conceiveBabies, often called as “a bundle of joy”, are adorable angels. A lot of women at some point in their lives yearn to have one of their own. Pregnancy after all is a new phase in womanhood and also a prelude to parenthood. However, it is easier to desire something than make it happen. Women often ask when the best day to conceive is. Getting pregnant is not at all an effortless thing to do and it requires both of the couple’s efforts. Not all women are lucky to conceive as soon as they want to. In fact, a lot of couples try all sorts of methods and seek medical help just to have a baby of their own.


Once a healthy couple is emotionally and financially ready to have a baby, the next step would be to know how and when the best day to conceive is. The period of ovulation is said to be the time when the chances to get pregnant are the highest since it is the time when a woman is most fertile. It is important to know the ovulation period because this is the time when sexual intercourse must happen. Hence, in knowing the best day to get pregnant is for the woman to be aware and to monitor her menstrual cycle. 28 to 32 days is the average normal menstrual cycle, but cycles differ in that some women have longer and others have shorter cycles. In counting the menstrual cycle, include the first day of the menstrual period until the first day of the next period. After counting the menstrual period, ovulation period can now be determined.


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