How To Get Pregnant With Twins

Many couples dream of conceiving twins. There are many reasons for this. Some people want a large family while others want their child to have a close sibling throughout their childhood. Whatever the reason, there are some steps couples can take to increase the likelihood of having twins.

How Hard is it to Get Pregnant With Twins?

Twins occur in 3% of pregnancies within the United States. As such, an average woman has a very low chance of having twins. That being said, those who have the following qualities may increase their odds of giving birth to to get pregnant with twins

– People of African descent have the highest chance of having twins. They are followed by European people. Asian and Hispanic couples have the lowest odds of having twins. This is particularly true if the woman involved is young, slim and has now twins in her family.

– Having twins in the family increases a couples chances by 4 times.

– Tall and well-nourished and/or overweight women have a higher incidence of twinning.

– Having 4 or more children increases the odds of twinning dramatically. This is shown in larger families. Families with over a dozen children often have more than one set of twins.

– Although older women are less likely to get pregnant, those that do are more likely to have twins. Women over 40 have a 7% chance of conceiving twins.

Generally speaking, twins tend to occur in women who are strong and healthy. It appears as though the body releases two eggs when it knows a woman is capable of carrying and giving birth to two babies. Women who truly desire twins should eat well and keep their weight at a healthy level.

Taking vitamins and folic acid will also help as it will improve the mother’s health. Folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects and increases the odds of twinning.

How to Get Pregnant With Twins Through IVF

There are countless things women can eat and do to increase their ability to have twins. Unfortunately, none of these things are a guarantee. In most cases, women will wind up having a single birth. The most effective method of getting pregnant with twins is IVF.

IVF is an acronym for the words “in-vitro fertilization”. This is when a doctor places a fertilized egg into a woman’s womb.

In the past, doctors used to place multiple embryos in a woman’s womb. This is because IVF is expensive. By using multiple eggs, the woman is not forced to pay for several sessions of IVF. Another reason this method was popular is that older women may not have much longer to conceive. Using multiple eggs meant that older women were more likely to have at least one baby in a round of IVF.

At present, doctors are reluctant to place more than one embryo during an IVF session. This is because multiple births often result in low birth weights and other health issues. If women do find a doctor who is willing to implant multiple embryos, they should ensure that they are aware of the risks associated with having twins.

Wanting to get pregnant with twins is only natural. However, having twins is time-consuming. Couple should consider whether they are prepared to look after two babies before they utilize the above advice.

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