Amazing Tips for Easy to Get Pregnant Naturally

Easy to Get PregnantHaving your own baby is one of the wonderful things that could ever happen to you. However, if you belong to the population of couples who are having a hard time to get pregnant, this is the article that you must read. This will give you amazing tips on how easy to get pregnant naturally.


If you have been trying to get pregnant for the past 12 months already or you are over 40 years old and have not yet been successful in getting pregnant, continue reading to increase your chances of conceiving. Remember, if you are trying to conceive and do not know what to do will lead you to less chances of having a baby.


Tip #1: Consult a medical practitioner before you begin trying to conceive. This is to make sure you are perfectly healthy. Your medical practitioner will diagnose you if you have sexually transmitted diseases or if you have untreated infections that must be addressed immediately.


Tip #2: Know when you ovulate. Start learning to chart your cycle and how your body functions. Through charting your cycle, you will know the different cervical position and your basal body temperature or BBT as your ovulation draws near. Other signs of fertility are ovulation pain, your breast becomes tender and sensitive, you have increased libido and you experience spotting.


Tip #3: Throw all your contraceptive pills once you decided that you are ready to get pregnant. However, keep in mind that there will be irregularities in your menstrual cycle at first. You might have to wait for at least two or three cycles to have normal cycle. But, there are some women who are already fertile for the first month after ditching the pills.


Tip #4: Start taking foods high in folate which is a B vitamin that will help lessen the chances of having your baby birth defects on spinal cord and brain. It is highly recommended that you start taking folic acid supplements the moment you are trying to conceive in order to lessen the chances of birth defects.


Tip #5: Have a balanced diet which is pack with the nutrients needed by your body. This is to nourish your reproductive system and to regulate your hormones. Remember, poor diet will less your chances of having a baby.


Tip #6: Start eating fertility foods. For instance, choose polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids over saturated and trans fats. These will help increase the level of insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation. These food items are pumpkin and sesame seeds, avocados, salmon and sardines.


Tip #7: Quit drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs. These will lead to premature birth, miscarriages and low-birth weight of your baby. According to research, smoking will highly affect your fertility level. You need to ask also your partner to stop these bad habits because it will lower his sperm count.


Tip #8: You have to stop taking food products with caffeine. Based on studies, caffeine will help decrease your body’s capabilities of absorbing iron and will only increase the risk of stillbirth. These items are sodas, tea and coffee. It is better to shift to decaffeinated drinks to increase your chances of conceiving. Such food items are milkshakes which will assist you in conception and increase your calcium.


Tip #9: Have a healthy body. Underweight or overweight women will have difficulties in getting pregnant. Before trying to get pregnant, it is best to get a body mass index or BMI at least within the range of 20 to 30.


Tip #10: Improve your lifestyle. If exercise is not part of your daily routine, you better start including it. A 30-minute walk with your dog every morning is a good exercise already. Cycling, swimming or playing badminton are other alternative exercises.


Tip #11: Do not be pressured or depressed if you and your partner are having a hard time to conceive. Remember, if you suffer from depression, you double the chances of not getting pregnant. If you notice that you have signs of depression, it is best to seek medical help immediately. You can also start managing your stress through meditation, relaxation and yoga.


Tip #12: Ask help and support from the people around you. It is also highly advisable to join support groups. Remember, you do not have to face the challenge of trying to get pregnant alone with your partner. Both of you need other people to cope with the situation.


Tip #13: Have you been working 24/7? Go book a weekend getaway in a country where you and your partner have never been to. Enjoy your vacation with your partner. Remove any distractions such as leaving your laptop and not entertaining phone calls.


Tip #14: Make sure that when you make love with your partner, you will reach orgasms and will be aroused. If you do, the egg cell will have a better chance of getting pregnant.


Tip #15: Missionary and rear-entry sexual positions are the best when trying to get pregnant. These positions require deep penetration which provides the best chance of depositing the sperm cell of your partner near the cervix. You can also help your partner’s sperm cell to swim right through the cervix. All you have to do is to elevate your hips through putting a pillow under your hips for at least 15 minutes. Avoid leaning, standing and woman on top sexual positions because the semen might leak from your vagina.


Tip #16: Create a sperm-friendly environment. Avoid scented tampons, douching, vaginal sprays and artificial lubricants. Apart from giving these items infections, it will wash away your cervical mucus.


Tip #17: You ask from your man his cooperation as well. He has to avoid using tight shorts and pants. In order for him to have healthy sperm counts, opt to use for boxer shorts.


These amazing tips for easy to get pregnant naturally will not require you to spend thousand of dollars on expensive consultation fees and medications. All you have to do is start following the amazing tips for easy to get pregnant naturally mentioned above. Be among the couples who have successfully conceived a baby.

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