14 Sure-fire Tips When Trying to Get Pregnant

When Trying to Get PregnantEvery couple would want to have a child of their own. But what if you belong to the population of couples who are having difficulties in conceiving? Worry no more because this article will give you 14 surefire-tips that you must know when trying to get pregnant. These are easy ways that will not require you to spend thousand of dollars for medications.


Tip # 1: Before doing anything when trying to get pregnant, you need to consult your medical services provider first. It is highly recommended that you have regular check-ups with an OBGYN. A medical practitioner will be able to check if you are in good health condition to get pregnant. Your doctor will be able to detect as well if you have sexually transmitted diseases or any untreated infections. Your medical practitioner will be able to prescribe prenatal vitamins as well before trying to get pregnant.


Tip #2: Make love with your partner three times a week. This is to cover all your bases and to avoid missing any opportunities to conceive. There are couples who are timing everything and tend to forget to have sex during the time they are not ovulating. Yes, it is true that you will not be successful in getting pregnant if you will not have sex during ovulation. However, there are women miscalculate their ovulation period.


Tip #3: Do not have contact with your partner everyday. This is to allow your partner to produce quality sperm cells. Plus both of you need time to regain your energies.

Tip #4: To increase your chances of getting pregnant, you have to make love before ovulation. Keep in mind that your egg cell will live about 24 hours after its released. On the other hand, sperm cell will survive approximately 72 hours up to 120 hours. It’s a no-no to wait the time of your ovulation before you have sex. If you do, you have less chances of getting pregnant. The sperm cell of your partner lives longer than your egg cell. Do not waste any opportunity in getting pregnant.


Tip #5: You should not only base your ovulation period on the calendar method. Many couples have tried making love around on the fourteenth day or during the mid-cycle of a menstruation cycle. This method is not very accurate way to predict your ovulation. The best way to know if you are ovulating is to get ovulation prediction kits or watching for the different signs of ovulation.


Tip #6: When trying to get pregnant, you have to stop smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs. This tip is one of the things that some women tend to forget. Remember that cigarettes, alcohol and drugs can affect your fertility and will definitely affect your unborn baby.


Tip #7: You have to change your lifestyle if you want to get pregnant. If you always stay late at night and enjoy a few bottles of alcohol, you need to scrap these activities from your routine. You need to prepare your body. You have to stay healthy. Eat food products rich in vitamins and minerals. You may start taking folic acid supplements as well.


Tip #8: Ask your partner to live a healthy lifestyle as well. This is to help him produce healthy sperm cells. Success factors in getting pregnant do not rely only on you. Both of you must work for it.


Tip #9: Sexual positions count if you want to get pregnant. Use dog style or rear-entry positions. This will allow the sperm cells to be deposited near the cervix. Avoid standing or sitting sexual positions because the sperm cells will have a harder time to swim to the cervix.


Tip #10: After making love, do not stand up immediately. Lie down for at least 15 minutes. This is to avoid the semen from leaking from your vagina. You have to elevate your buttocks to help the sperm cells reach the cervix through putting a pillow under your buttocks. The best thing to do is to have a chit chat first with your partner before heading to the bathroom to get a shower.


Tip #11: Forget having oral sex before having intercourse. Why? Saliva can kill sperm cells.


Tip #12: Ditch the contraceptive pills ahead of time. Once you have decided to get pregnant, you have to stop taking any contraceptive pills. Your body needs at least three cycles to function normally.


Tip #13: One of the most important tips that you should follow when trying to get pregnant, is to have fun in making love. If you put pressure to yourself that you have to conceive, you have less chances of getting pregnant because you are stressed. Sometimes, couples consider sex and having a baby is a task to be fulfilled. It should not be the case. The best thing to do is do something different to spice up your love making. For instance, cook a sumptuous dinner. Then burn the calories you have eaten through a hot and sizzling love making.


Tip #14: You have to ignore different myths when you are trying to conceive such as the following:


  • Making love in the morning with the lights on. According to some studies, sperm levels are high during the day. However, there is no scientific basis if you make love with the lights on.
  • You are infertile if you cannot get pregnant after trying for a couple of months. Based on studies, you are not considered infertile if you have been only trying to get pregnant for one year.
  • If your partner will eat non-organic bananas, it will make him sterile. This is based on a study that the chemicals used in growing high quality bananas have negative effects on the quality of the farm workers’ sperm cells. However, there is no clinical basis for men who are eating bananas will be affected.
  • You are very much fertile if you are not older than 35 years old. It is true that women and men who are in their 20s can conceive easily. However, keep in mind that as the year passes without getting pregnant will increase your chances of fertility problems.


When trying to get pregnant, keep in mind the following tips in order to be successful. There are couples who have become successful in conceiving and having their own baby through following the above tips. Be one of them and follow the tips above today.

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